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3 Ways to Approach Digital Marketing For Ecommerce During COVID-19

If you have a pulse then you've likely been affected by the pandemic that has struck the planet. COVID-19 has presented many new problems that most of us have not had to deal with in our lifetime. How do you continue business as usual when the world has been flipped upside down? How do you adjust your digital marketing strategies during such turmoil?

We are not immune to the effects of this virus at and have many close friends and family that are actively suffering and a few that have actually been hospitalized. Even though these are scary times, it is imperative that we assess the situation with a critical eye. We must figure out how we can serve our fellow humans while preserving our personal lives as well as our businesses as ethically as possible. That is why we are going to share our thoughts on how you can adjust your internet marketing strategy during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Empathy

The absolute most important guideline to digital marketing during a pandemic is empathy. If you simply run ads as if nothing abnormal is happening then at best you seem inept, but more likely you and your brand will come off as total assholes. Adjust your messaging to address the very real situation that many of us find ourselves in. Change copy on your social media posts and paid ads to reflect your understanding. Find ways to be funny and lighten the mood without being insensitive. Share how the virus is affecting your daily life. Be vulnerable.

2. Stay Top of Mind

When the dust settles, who are people going to remember: the companies that retreated into the mist in order to reduce their costs as much as possible OR the companies that stayed visible and took the initiative to help, entertain, and stay relevant with their audience and customer base? Who are people going to buy from when they feel confident? That's right. The companies and brands that stayed top of mind and delivered value even in their advertisements.

3. Double-down on Digital

If you're an Ecommerce brand with a product that is distributed online then you are probably thankful for the fact that you can actually still do business. At the risk of sounding insensitive ourselves, the Stay-at-Home Order has created an interesting opportunity to capitalize on Paid Traffic via Social Media. Why? We simply have to look at human behavior. What do bored people at home do with their time? They stare at screens. They window shop on their favorite Ecommerce stores. They scroll up and down on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter.. you name it! There may be no better time to reach as many potential customers at one time than right now. AND, since so many companies have completely halted their ad campaigns, the price to play on these marketplaces is at an all-time low.

If you have any questions on navigating these sensitive issues and how you can adjust your ad campaigns to align with human values while simultaneously setting yourself and your business up for survival and longevity, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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