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How creating a Crystal Clear Brand Identity will help skyrocket your business!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Ask yourself... If you don't know who you are, how do you to expect others to know? Furthermore, how do you expect people to spend their hard earned money on you over all the other businesses that are just like you?

It's been nearly 2 years since I started Bout It Co. and at first we started by running ads for restaurants because that's what I was familiar with... But... quickly remembered...

'I love hospitality but I started my ads agency to get OUT of the this industry' LOL

So, 'Naturally' I switched to Ecomm and quickly realized... There is a lot of... Shtuff... being sold online.

Then, I dove even deeper into the rabbit hole of who my dream clients & partners are which narrowed us down to our current niche... Lifestyle Brands! Why? Because these were that companies that drove the interests that were at the center of all my being.

But still getting clients had been a struggle regardless of how many emails, organic posts, comments, friend requests I sent out.

It wasn't until I met my current business coach who before agreeing to work with me, asked, "What makes you different than every other agency doing exactly what you do & wants my help?"

To my surprise, I struggled to answer...

I told him my overall vision, mission statement & 5 year plan/goal and he seemed very unfazed.

Although he was happy to hear that I had very clear goals & intentions he encouraged me to go 6 degree's deeper into why I want these things and what they will be accomplishing along the way.

After analyzing what they accomplish, I asked myself... "If I accomplish all these things, how will this make me happy?"

This is when I dove into my past experiences that brought me to this profession.

From being a Professional Dancer, Cocktail Bartender, Event Producer, Videographer... I realized they all had 1 thing in common that always lit me up.

Through all these mediums, I was able to provide experiences that would impact people and inspire others to take action on what makes their heart flutter.

That's when I realized, Bout It Co. was built around the ability to not only provide experiences for our clients but teach and encourage our clients to give those experiences to their clients through Social Media Marketing Strategies & Events.

Yes, we draw huge inspiration from our favorite Streetwear Brands, Music Artists, Sports Teams, Athletes & Public Figures in our overall aesthetic and band voice.

But, being able to take someone from seeing a piece of our content, to booking and having a discovery call, to on-boarding, to having our bi-weekly organic coaching calls, to seeing their numbers blast off and allowing our clients to achieve the financial lifestyle they always wanted... this Customer Experience is what drives us to show up & do better every day!

Understanding that the end to end user experience is the centerpiece of our brand identity, gave us a beacon that both guides us in growing the business AND positions us to attract the right clients that we've always dreamed of serving.

Without it we would be running in circles and our dream clients would be taking precaution to make sure we don't get in the way of their success. Because at the end of the day, if you don't know who/what you are... How will you know where you are going? and if you don't know where you are going... how will take your clients to the land of promises you made to them? You can't... it's that simple

So, how would I quantify our Brand Identity???

"We are THE Social Media Marketing Agency that Lifestyle Brands go to, to amplify their customer experience by receiving an experience of their own..."

Your brand identity could be a myriad of different things for different purposes, but in order to find out you need to go DEEP!

... and if you want to be successful once you determine what that is, you gotta be Bout It!

You must be on a mission to live, breath and share your identity through & through in order to really get to where you want to be, provide the service you promise & ultimately live the life you've aways dreamed of.

If you've done the work to find your true identity then this will be easy for you and you will get all that you work towards.

If your Faking the Funk then your audience will know (at least the quality ones you want to be serving) and it will slowly corrode you from the inside where one day, you'll wake up living a life this wasn't meant for you.

Just keep in mind, this is JUST the beginning... the journey to putting your vision in play is long and doesn't work, unless you do

So, go put in the work and get ready for take off!

So... what makes you different?

What kind of impact do you want to make with your business?

How are you gonna get there? Are you Bout It???

We hope so!

If you'd like to talk more about brand identity or see how we can help skyrocket YOUR business.... Drop a 'Bout It' in the comments!

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