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Elevating Lifestyle Brands in E-Commerce With Transformative Paid Advertising Strategies

Traditional Marketing mediums are devouring your budgets & undeniably fading into the past

Turn Your Social Media Channels into a 360 Direct to Consumer Sales Platform and SCALE your Business, Today!

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The level of belief in your goal or dream where passion meets purpose and becomes the lifestyle you embody. (IKIGAI)

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bout us

We believe ‘The way you do anything is the way you do Everything’.

Through the Bout It Mentality, we’ve stripped down the traditional Agency Model of it’s 'Old School' deficiencies to match the speed & flexibility of todays Lifestyle Brands, without tacking on the unnecessary price tag. 

To us, the most fundamental ingredient to success in life and in business is to remain true to who you are & who you do business with. This why we keep a tight knit team of professionals focused on the end goal & serve only a short list of Impact Driven Clients. Because, as marketers that are capable of influencing society, we also value our responsibility to leave the world better than we found it.


Our hands on approach, transparency & attention to detail, leave us no need to distract our clients with fancy offices and aristocratic luxuries. Instead... Quality, Culture & Innovation are what draw us closer to our clients, as we are very particular and prefer to only work with the right clients.

What if thats you? It'd be a pleasure to find out.

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Our Service

...Nothing More, Nothing Less


We fully embrace our service & ability to produce unparalleled results.


If a 1 stop shop providing cookie cutter marketing is what you’re looking for, we won’t be ideal for you.


If you want an agency to tailor fit an experience for you & your audience while giving a clear breakdown of your campaigns, spend & returns… we’re just a few clicks away

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To be ‘Bout It’ is to be an absolute Practitioner...


Which is why we only offer Paid Advertising

UX/UI Design

Content Creation

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Instagram Growth

PR Services





 Brennan Saucedo, a Southern California native who by 12 years old was already a professional Hip-Hop Dancer & Sneakerhead by 14, has had vast experience working in Nightlife, Hospitality, Marketing, Events & Entertainment with industry giants like BAIT, NIKE, Disney & Consortium Holdings to name a few.


 After those first 25 years, Brennan embarked on journey to self mastery, adapting the teachings of his mentors from various industries to fuel the culture around the marketing, live events & creative projects he produced. This culture was later coined as the 'Bout It Mentality' and welcomed anyone who was willing to express their passion & dedication to their craft, for others to enjoy.

 With clear inspiration from events like Complex-conThe Do Over & Publications like Vice News, the competition was stiff but he quickly realized there was a hole in the marketing world for the brands that shared his very same inspirations.

This was his, 'Ah-ha!' moment. Where he realized that all of his worlds can collide, while allowing him to create a positive impact on the world, in a space that was not always looked at so positively

Thus, Bout It Co. was Born.

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Pick a Time That Works for You!

At the end of your call...

You’ll have a clear understanding of what lies ahead for you & if working with Bout It Co. to accelerate your revenue & brand presence with Paid Social Media Advertising is the best next step for your business.



  • Create a Superior 360 Buying Experience out of their Current Online Channels.

  • Separate Themselves from the Lame Duck Advertising the Competition is Using

  • Rapidly Scale in their Online Revenue Through Ethical Marketing Practices while Promoting Brand Loyalty.

  • Experience increased revenue potential with Funnels & Conversion Rate Optimization.


  • Attract & Effortlessly build a Genuine Connection with their Target Audience without the Cheesy Sales Tactics & Copy

  • Work with an Agency they See Eye to Eye with & can Make Their Company a Priority

  • Take their Current Social Media Marketing Strategy to New Heights

  • Maximize the Potential of their Current Business Operations

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